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i. Count nodes with ITCs as positive lymph nodes

8. Use code 95 when

a. The only procedure for regional lymph nodes is a needle aspiration (cytology) or core biopsy (tissue)


Example: Lung cancer patient has aspiration of suspicious hilar mass that shows metastatic squamous carcinoma in lymph node tissue. Patient undergoes neoadjuvant (preoperative) radiation therapy followed by lobectomy showing 6 negative hilar lymph nodes. Code Regional Nodes Positive as 95 and Regional Nodes Examined as the 06 nodes surgically resected.

9. Code 97. Use code 97 for any combination of positive aspirated, biopsied, sampled, or dissected lymph nodes when the number of involved nodes cannot be determined on the basis of cytology or histology. Code 97 includes positive lymph nodes diagnosed by either cytology or histology.


Note: If the aspirated node is the only one that is microscopically positive, use code 95.

10. Use code 98 when

a. The assessment of lymph nodes is clinical only


d. Regional Nodes Positive is coded 98, Regional Nodes Examined is usually coded 00

11. Use code 99 for

a. Any case coded to primary site C420, C421, C423, C424, C589, C700-C709, C710-C729, C751-C753, C761-C768, C770-C779, or C809